The Proper Spirit of Helping Others to Prepare

I like how Joseph of Egypt handled preparedness. As described in the Old Testament, as he discussed with Pharaoh how to prepare for the coming famine, he did not say anything like "beat over the head" or "fear mongering" or anything like unto it.

"Now therefore let Pharaoh look out a man discreet and wise, and set him over the land of Egypt."

Not "loud and boisterous", or "panicked and fearful" but "discreet and wise". It's obvious why wisdom is needed to prepare, but what about "discreet"? I think it means we encourage others to prepare in a way that is not overly pushy or overbearing. We help others prepare in a kind, encouraging and even "discreet" way. We also should prepare ourselves discreetly. That said, it does not mean that we don't need to sometimes use "sharpness" with close friends or family and then show an increase of love, but it better be by the Spirit. We should do all things by the Spirit, even helping others and ourselves to prepare for what is coming.

Sorry if I offend anyone with this post. I really hope to encourage all of us to kindly, wisely and discreetly encourage each other to prepare.